Electric. Reinvented

Axiflux® is the creator of the Adaptive Magnetic Flux Array™ (AMFA™), the world’s first modular, real-time, software-reconfigurable electric motor and generator. Relative to a traditional electrical motor, the innovative configuration and control of the AMFA™ yields significant size, weight and price reductions, while increasing power output, efficiency and reliability.

Superior Design

Axiflux® has designed, developed, and built a series of Adaptive Magnetic Flux Array (AMFA™) motors/generators based on its proprietary and patented technology. The motors feature a disruptive design approach with fully integrated and redundant electronics, modularity, scalability, and superior drive solution efficiency.

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A New Architecture

We have integrated the electronic intelligence directly into the motor, allowing for a compact, direct drive and a highly efficient design. With renewed interest in mobile, industrial applications of lightweight drive solutions, and a growing market of smart stationary applications, we are propelling the motor/generator into the next generation.

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The Journey

Starting with our initial DC ‘proof of concept’ motor in 2011, we have now designed, built, and tested a series of motors. The AMFA™ V1 allowed us to validate performance simulations and develop sophisticated software control tools. Since then, we have designed and built a range of successor prototypes, and we are now on the brink of commercialization. Our most recent iteration AMFA™ V2 is currently undergoing an extensive test program.

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A Commercial Reality

In the coming 12 months, we will specify, design, and build the AMFA™ V3 motor with the intention to field trial it in the selected sectors by mid 2015. In parallel, we are building partnerships around our core intellectual property with high volume manufacturers, and intend to finalize agreements within 18 months.

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