Axiflux joins EV Engineering

Axiflux, the company set up to commercialise a technological breakthrough in electric motors and generators, announced today that it would be joining EV Engineering as a Member of the consortium.

Axiflux and EV Engineering will form a joint venture to develop an innovative electric motor with a broad range of applications including electric vehicles.

EV Engineering is a collaborative venture between leading Australian automotive suppliers including Air International, Futuris and Better Place to develop proof of concept Australian electric vehicles. The project has already delivered seven fully electric Holden Commodores, one of which set an unofficial world record for driving 1886 km over a continuous 24 hour period in June 2012.

“We are delighted to welcome Axiflux as a member of EV Engineering. This is another significant step forward for the consortium and a clear demonstration that Australian industry is capable of meeting the international demand for innovation in new technology for electric cars” said Ian McCleave, CEO of EV Engineering.

“We welcome Axiflux on board and look forward to working with them on this exciting project which we believe will offer substantial mass saving and packaging benefits. This technology will assist EV Engineering to take the next step of offering its EV development expertise to global markets” said Mr McCleave.

Axiflux CEO Chris Mosely welcomed the opportunity to bring the company’s expertise to EV Engineering.

“This collaboration provides us with the resources to further develop and test our game changing electric motor technology in real-world applications and to assist in EV Engineering’s mandate to further develop the Australian electric vehicle industry”, Mr Mosely said.

“Variable speed electric drives typically require an external inverter and a gearbox to provide the required power at the desired output speeds. The Axiflux motor incorporates the inverter within the motor itself and has sufficient torque to directly drive the output load in many applications”, said Axiflux CTO David Jahshan.

“We believe this technology has the capability to revolutionise the electric vehicle industry and we are excited to be working with EV Engineering on its potential applications in the market.”

For more information, please contact:
Chris Mosely, Axiflux CEO
Ph: 0488 440 789