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1. Privacy

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2. Intellectual Property

In accessing our Website, you are granted a limited licence to use the intellectual property contained therein, and any data transferred remains our property to the fullest extent that the laws of Australia protect it as such.
This includes, but is not limited to any front-end code, images, icons, trademarks, markup, materials and data transferred to you. You are granted this licence on the condition that you will not use content for anything other than the purpose of navigating, accessing and using the functions of the site.

3. No representation or warranty

Axiflux® does not warrant that the website will always be available or that any data or information contained on the site is correct.

By accessing the Axiflux® site you agree not to rely on any information contained therein as being accurate.

Axiflux® make no representation or warranty via the images or text of the website. Where assessing the Axiflux® product in the context of a commercial relationship, no value whatsoever should be placed on the information contained on the website, and you ought to rely on direct communication with the Axiflux® sales team only.

4. Severability and Waiver

Where any term of this contract is found by a court to be invalid, it does not operate to invalidate the entire contract, and is rather individually severed. Axiflux’s® failure to enforce any of the terms of this contract where breach or loss has been incurred or discovered does not amount to a waiver of either the term or the contract as a whole.

5. Unauthorised access

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In addition to any criminal penalties, you agree to:

  • compensate Axiflux® for any damage caused to the website; and
  • indemnify Axiflux® from any additional future loss howsoever realised; and
  • indemnify Axiflux® from all legal costs required to recoup damages resulting from the breach.