Australian electric motor technology set to revolutionise global industries


Australian electric motor technology set to revolutionise global industries
Axiflux, the company set up to commercialise a technological breakthrough developed by Melbourne engineer David Jahshan was awarded a prestigious iAward for being the best startup at the national awards ceremony at Crown Palladium, attended by the elite of the technology and IT industry.

“The electric motor has really not changed much since its invention in the late 1800’s – what David (Axiflux CTO & Inventor) has done is invert the design approach to motor and generator and in the process create a modular, dynamically reconfigurable electric machine. The applications and the benefits which will be accrued are extremely significant.”

“We are securing world-wide patent protection and are in discussions with a number of global joint-venture partners from across the Automotive, Energy Generation, and Industrial industries and will secure partnerships from around the world to see the benefits of the technology realised”, said Axiflux CEO Chris Mosely.

“With over 90% of the world’s energy generated and 45% consumed by electric machines, even incremental improvements of 1% in a country like Japan could see the reduction of a nuclear power plant of electricity consumption.”

With such an amazing opportunity originating from Australia, the founding team and their backers are patriotic about seeing the significant potential of this innovation realised from Australia – rather than following the all to frequent and regularly traversed pathway to other, larger markets, such as the United States.

Founding Investor and Director, Stuart Richardson added that “Axiflux is proud to be an Australian company, now and into the future. The innovative configuration and control of the Axiflux electric machine yields significant size, weight and price reductions; while increasing power output, efficiency and reliability. The applications for this world-leading technology will see a step-wise change in the existing business models and economics of multiple industries.”

One application of the Adaptive Magnetic Flux Array (AMFA) technology which is already well underway is the Axiflux Supercar, a 600kW and 3000nM electric sportscar wherein the two electric motors are located within the wheel-well and are barely larger than the brake assembly found on a sportscar.

The Melbourne-based team has also developed concept designs for direct–drive wind turbines (removing the need for complex, heavy & expensive gearboxes) and industrial applications such as mine ventilation and crushing machinery which will notably reduce energy consumption on remote mine sites and carbon dioxide produced by diesel generators.

“They [electric motors] are at the heart of everything from high-performance electric vehicles, mass transit, pumps, medical equipment, robotics, mining and power generation. They’re ubiquitous in modern life,” said Mosely.

“The world is rapidly changing. We have more need for environmentally friendly sources of energy, mass transit, power and ever-greater efficient use of natural resources.

Technologies are being developed that are revolutionising our lives and the pace of development is accelerating like never before. Axiflux is at the forefront of these developments with the revolutionary work it is doing in redesigning the electric motor and the electric generator. The demand for this advanced technology is massive.”

Richardson, also the Founding Partner of leading early-stage technology venture capital firm, Adventure Capital added “Australia has significant human capital resources, which unlike natural resources which can only be dug out of the ground and sold once, can be utilized many times over – it is a truly sad state of affairs when such a smart country relies so heavily on it’s non-renewable sources of commerce – it’s fundamentally unsustainable. Innovation and improved productivity are central to Australia’s economic prosperity.”

For further information, please contact:

Chris Mosely, Axiflux CEO
ph. 0488 440789 or chris@axiflux.com

Stuart Richardson, Founding Investor & Director
ph. 0419 390553 or stuart@adventurecapital.vc