The Journey

Starting with our initial DC ‘proof of concept’ motor in 2011, we have now designed, built, and tested a series of motors. The AMFA™ V1 allowed us to validate performance simulations and develop sophisticated software control tools. Since then, we have designed and built a range of successor prototypes, and we are now on the brink of commercialization. Our most recent iteration AMFA™ V2 is currently undergoing an extensive test program.

With an experienced and quickly growing team, solid financial backing, and forthcoming industrial partnerships lined up, we are focusing our energy in the coming 12 months on our first commercial product AMFA™ V3. As a risk reduction measure, we initially developed DC motors, closely followed by an AC motor for mining applications.

After studying a variety of industries and potential market segments, we have chosen specific sectors to exploit the unique advantages of our solution.